Super busy with designs and...

I'm already been lagging behind on my promise to blog regularly.  But, I've been really busy with so many business projects.  No excuse really just the truth.  I am back at 3am to bring you a little update.

I tried a very scary thing.  Hand washing the kimono fabric.  I filled the tub with icy cold water and added some Dreft baby laundry soap, took a deep breath and dunked.  Yay, it didn't bleed or fade at all.  It was so dirty though.  Had to repeat the hand washing 3 times before the water ran clean.  I should have photographed the filthy water, maybe next time.  Super happy with the beautiful bright clean fabric.  It will now be easier for me to match the color of the silk I will need for the skirt and bustled train.

The pattern for the corset top for the gown has been drafted and next I will make a toile before moving on to cutting the silk.  Cutting that silk will be stressful.  I am limited while working with kimono fabric to very narrow, just about 14 inches across and about 450-470 inches of length.  No mistakes allowed, I can't just run to the local fabric store for more fabric.  I will definitely be measuring twice no I think three times just to be safe.

I've also been researching I.R.S. requirements and LLC costs.  Ouch that last part is going to cost quite a bit.  More on that later.  I guess I have been pretty busy.  I will try to post something on the jewelry designs soon.


New End Studio said...

This is beautiful fabric. Are there photos of the finished project?

I'm stopping by from the Spring Blog Hop.

Re-Purpose History said...

No photos yet, this project has been put on hold while we work on some of the less time intensive items for our shop. Our inventory is still much smaller then we would like.