I've had such a night!

I promised to blog more and look two days in a row.  Today was one of those days, you know the kind where everything just goes wrong.

So I am working on handbag designs for the store and I'm really excited because I am trying out a new design tonight.  Everything is cut out and I'm ready to work.  I get a few seams done on the straps then pressing, a few more seams and back to pressing.  Well that was the plan except my second attempt at pressing met with my iron sputtering.  Ok irons sputter a bit at times but this time I got sputtering then no more heat :( aw (insert expletive here).

Back to the sewing machine I go thinking I can get a few more seams done before I call it a night.  Fabric's under the presser foot and what do I get.  Knots and more knots.  Cursing under my breath I think to myself maybe some thread is tangled in the bobbin.  Out comes the bobbin nothing, then the bobbin casing.  To find, wait for it, nothing.  So I clean it out anyway just for good measure put everything back together re-thread and double-check all the adjustments.  Alright now I am going to try again.  You can all see where this is heading right?  Not me I'm thinking at this point it will work fine like it just did on the test fabric.  So on to the silk, no luck the stitching is all over the place and skipping. (insert louder expletives now, really loud!)  I am not happy, on the verge of tears.  All three of my sewing machines are now broken and the one that went down tonight is the worst because it's two years old and has only been used about a dozen times.  This means no warranty.  Sigh, just sigh.

Fortunately the entire week hasn't been that way.  I was able to complete a handbag with no problems and I love it.  It is made from an obi that had some pretty bad snags and smudges.  No problem to work around though.  It's a wonderful rich orange with gold, silver and green embroidery.  I would never have thought to put those colors together but here they are and they work just beautifully.  The Japanese color esthetic has me reconsidering the way I work with color. Hmm, how can I apply this to comics?  I'm sure I will think of a way.  I will get a photo of a finished bag to share very soon.

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