Everyone meet "Joan" not Mad Man's Joan but….

On Saturday my doorbell rang and I heard a big thump outside.  It was the Fedex delivery guy or girl.  I will never know because they were speeding away before I opened the door.  There on the porch was the box containing my new dress form.  I've been wanting one for so long but couldn't justify spending the money until now.

Into the house I go with the giant box that was much lighter then I expected.  I ripped off the tape because I have no patience and stopped... right there.  Before my eyes was a dress form with the most interesting shaped, um well no way to say but say it, breasts!  My brand new "uniquely you"  looked a bit like a caricature of a 1950's pinup.  I asked my husband for name suggestions, he took one look and she became "Joan".  Yes she is named after Joan on Mad Men.  I adore the character so I agreed.

uniquely you sans cover
At this point as much as I wanted to fit the cover right then it had to wait until we finished with our deadline for the DC comic JSA All Stars.  Tonight it was time to fit the cover.  The size was surprisingly close to my measurements.  I only had to take in the waist a few inches and I was good to put the cover on.  A warning to anyone looking at the uniquely you forms, putting the adjusted cover on is hard.  It took both me and my husband to wrestle her into it.  I think this form will get lots of use.  One of the best things about it is in fact that it squishes (technical term?) for corseting.

"Joan" with the cover fitted

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