new year and new fabrics

Going thru my existing  japanese textiles and deciding what I will  re-purpose into new jewelry or garments.  I have one very geometric obi that is stained and has some small holes it's a beautiful orange color with metallic gold and green embroidery.  One wedding kimono, pale pink with elaborately embroidered cranes and flowers.  She, I don't know why but this one is a she, she is very damaged and dirty.  I think someone probably took her to a dry cleaner and made the damage worse.  I am going to have to get very creative to save her.  Last but not least the wool kimono from the last post.

In the past two days I have done a bit of online shopping for additional materials and inspiration.  I've added a few new things.  It's a bit disconcerting to buy online since you can never be sure of the color displayed on a computer screen.  I suspect by the pinkish tint in the background on these that there will be a little less pink in the garments when they arrive.

I really love this Showa period fukuro obi.  This piece is just asking to become a underbust corset.  I think I will leave out the front opening busk for this one to keep the embroidery intact.  The traditional japanese use of pattern and color are outstanding on this obi.  It makes me happy just looking at it.

Admittedly I have a small obsession with wedding garments so I went looking for obi to re-purpose into bridal corsets and clutches.  Purchased these two lovely fukuro obi fabric bolts that have never been made up.


There are a few more items I am going to try to obtain for materials later today.  Wish me success on the bay.

More progress on the toile.  Added boning channels ,boning and made small adjustments to the hip areas in the front and back.  I am really happy with the shape and fit.  The toile is creating a nice waist reduction and flattering curvy shape.  Can't wait to start the corset but, I have a coloring deadline for DC Comics in just a few days.  Sewing will wait until JSA All Stars issue 15 is off to the printer.

Our Ragdoll cat Alexander loves my space.  Hard part is keeping the paws off the material!  He is enjoying playing with the boning.

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