Today I started.

Today was big, I started to actually move forward and begin the process of developing  actual items for my etsy store.  I have a theme and it revolves around re-purposing beautiful Japanese textiles that are no longer usable in their original forms.  The hard part here is narrowing the flood of ideas I have down to a reasonable number.  All this of course has to be done in addition to my Day job as a freelance graphic artist. I color comic books for DC Comics and that it's normally takes up all my time and then some.  I will post links to that work sometime soon.

This afternoon my dear husband says to me "stop planning and get started sewing" I thought to myself ok he's right and I will never make this work if I don't pick up a pencil and get to drafting.  Funny part is DH sharpened a bunch of pencils for me, gotta love a supportive spouse.  He really thinks I can do this!

I gather my supplies and measurements and start drafting my first pattern.  It's going to be an underbust corset made from up-cycled, re-cycled, well loved kimono.  My first rule to choose a kimono it that is no longer wearable as intended.  It must have stains or holes or some patina.  I will have to use new boning and coutil for the inside but keeping our carbon footprint low by re using the kimono.  

Before I get to cut into the beautiful fabric I need a pattern so on to drafting.  My first try and the waist comes about 8 inches too small.  Yikes, I calculated really wrong somewhere so I start over and the second try is just right.

On to cutting my toile
Next I move on to sewing the toile together and the moment of truth, will it fit?
Yes!!  It's so awesome, I am only going to need very slight alterations to the lower hip.  The underbust area and waist look like they are going to be prefect.  DH has cut all the spring steel bones and tipped them for me.  I completely forgot to order the solid steel bones for the middle back so I can't do much until those arrive.  I have the center front opening busk already.  I will use quilting bars to help me form the casings for the bones.  Before I do that I will make the hip adjustment.

The goal with this pattern is to be sized to fit a range of people.  I am thinking of waist sizes from 22-34.  I have chosen an underbust style because I can have a nice range of sizes pre-made.  I love the idea of a custom corset but the sad truth is that the average person will find the corset online and want it now.  We are an impatient society and we don't like to wait.  I am guilty of this myself.  So my answer is to offer handmade corsets that have the best chance of fitting well on a range of people.  Hope this will work.

I will only be able to make a couple corsets or less for each unique kimono.  This means each corset will be one of a kind.  I am designing these to be worn as an outer garment and not just as lingerie.  This first one I am working on is going to look amazing with a button down blouse with french cuffs or a tee shirt and jeans.  I think I will photograph it both ways.


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