Playing Catch-up

There has been lots of activity in our little studio. Did you catch that?  I said "we".  I am so excited that husband is joining me in my little venture.  We will be adding our art to the mix and I can't wait to get something up for you to see. We're keeping to the theme of re-purpose history and every piece of art will have a historical twist.  I'm so happy to be drawing again.

More supplies for the fabric art side of things have been arriving.  Like these two amazing wedding obi fabric bolts.   I was in such awe when I first saw these in person.  They are both ivory silk with gold, silver and ivory embroidery.  The motifs in the embroidery of cranes and phoenix are commonly found in Japanese wedding textiles.   I have some wonderful plans for these two but I will save the surprise for later.

Wedding obi bolts

Green embroidered obi silk

Most important, I've completed some new purse designs.  I really like this little bucket purse.  I added a flower from the distressed obi to the front.

We're really starting to have fun with the styling for the photography.  We are finding ourselves looking at catalogs for our favorite stores in a different way.  There is some amazing merchandise styling going on.

Now we just need to figure out how to balance the flood of ideas with the limited number of hours in the day.  Making sure to leave some quality time for each other.  I see the necessity for date night coming back into our lives.


Richard said...

work,work work

Divine In Mind said...

Beautiful blog. I followed and look forward to reading more. Here's mine. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having trouble keeping up with everything. O and I found you on UEF.

CremeMagnolia said...

You did a beautiful job of setting up your new blog...your newest follower from EBT, welcome!

Dana said...

Beautiful and I'm a new follower from EBT!


Jennifer said...

those fabrics are so beautiful! hello from EBT lol

Re-Purpose History said...

Thank you everyone. I am feeling much better about this blog site.

Divine In Mind, I'm following you back :) I see you like vintage patterns and jewelry too.

just B you said...

I'm your newest follower (#15)! Great job on the pics. I had SUCH a hard time with pics (still do, actually). The bucket purse is really cute. Great colors for summer too. =)