New pendant designs and comic deadlines

A couple weeks ago I received some new bezels and today I stole a few minutes to shoot some quick photos of the work in progress to.  It was nice to take a look at these through the a lens, I think they photograph well.  

I am using Japanese Chiyogami papers and I really love the way they look.  The woodblock designs and screen printed colors are so beautiful and vibrant.  Next step is to add resin to the unfinished pendants and then decide if I should add any crystal accents.

And now I have to get back to finishing up tonight's DC Comics pages for Rebels #27.  We'll be pulling a all night shift to make this deadline, which means no sleep for us tonight.  I will try to post a sneak peak of one of the Rebels panels tomorrow.  Stay tuned...

These just need bails and chains

Wondering if I should add some crystal accents to these?

Waiting on resin


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Hi! LOVE these... newly following!

A. Alexandra said...

I really love the pendants. New follower!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Very pretty :) T.