Donating feels great!

I just have a short post today.  I am so happy to share that the pendant we were offering for sale and donating the sale amount to the Red Cross for Japan sold yesterday!  We made the donation last night and are sending a copy of the receipt for the donation to the buyer.

I was so surprised to wake up this morning to find that the Red Cross in San Antonio had tweeted about our pendant.  Wow.  Unfortunately that one was already sold.  So a quick conversation with my husband and we agreed to try and do more.  We aren't in a financial position to donate the full price of every sale because we would be in negative numbers and finances are hard enough already.  After just a little discussion we decided we could donate 25% of each sale we make until 4/3/2011.

If you could pass this along anywhere you can think of we would really appreciate it.

We listed this pendant today.

link to pendant here

Yesterday we attended the Pink Parlour festival in Santa Anita park in Southern California.  We took a bunch of pictures that I plan to share in the next couple days.  Next year we hope to be a vendor at this show.  Watch for more details soon.  Also coming this week is my review of the new uv resin we're trying out.


lenoracle said...

I think it's great that you're making more donations! For a good cause.

YorkAvenueStudio said...

Lovely pendant! Great news on the donations! I love how your post is filled with "we", you are lucky to have a supportive partner!

just B you said...

It's awesome that you're helping out with the Japan relief efforts! And that's a pretty pendant too. =)

Re-Purpose History said...

Thank you for the support. I hope that we will make some more sales that will equal more donations. We don't have much to offer directly but this way we can help.

I do feel truly blessed to have a life partner who is so involved with everything. Some days it's just advice (he doesn't make pendants) but I count on his eye for composition. He ends up helping more then he thinks :)